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Moderator Responsibilities & Guidelines
« on: November 21, 2006, 01:52:19 am »
Moderator responsibilities include:

* Moderating the content on the moderator's forum for appropriateness according to the site's registration agreement.
* Moving posts better suited to another forum.
* Editing, locking, or deleting posts with inappropriate content.
* Managing sticky announcements.

Moderator Resources:
* Each forum is covered by a Global Moderator which can be used as a support in decision-making.  Admins are also available to help with decisions.
* A Moderators' Forum is available for moderators to post questions about moderating and for support.

Moderators are asked to check in with either with a Global Moderator, Admin, or to post on the Mod forum when locking, editing, deleting posts.  This is in attempt to cut down on the subjectivity of moderating by having more than one person's input when modifying posts.
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