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Rules of the Road for Members
« on: November 20, 2006, 01:45:21 am »
Here at we aim to be a supportive community, reaching out to help as many parents as we can.  In the spirit of such a goal, we ask our members to be cognizant that we must all take care in our posting.  We come from many different backgrounds creating a rich tapestry of diversity.  With this diversity comes a large range of viewpoints and personal beliefs.  When discussing such, we ask that you be considerate of how the readers of your words may feel.   If you think discussing your viewpoints may make others feel excluded or could come across as hurtful, we ask you to think twice before posting.

We take a philosophy of 'Live and Let Live' and welcome parents from all walks of life.  We expect our members to be respectful and to honor this philosophy here at BW.  We hope that in doing so we can all find a place here, learn from one another and contribute positively to our online community.

Thank you.
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