Author Topic: Interested in Moderating? What we look for in a moderator.  (Read 7057 times)

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Interested in Moderating? What we look for in a moderator.
« on: January 22, 2007, 23:19:39 pm »
For those interested in moderating:

1.)  We look for an established membership on the site.  We are not interested in the length of your membership, rather your activity level on the site.  Therefore, we're willing to add newer members to our moderating ranks as long as they have an established presence on the site.

2.) We like to see interested members posting on the forums they're like to moderate.  This helps us get an idea of how you interact on the forum.

3.)  For members whose activity is limited to birth club threads, we ask you to post more broadly on other forums so we get to know you.

4.)  Daily access to BW is crucial.  We ask our moderators to check in daily unless on a forum that's shared by comoderators and an arrangement among the moderating group has been made.

5.)  We look for moderators that can commit to three months of moderating.  We do a reorganization of moderators every quarter (three months) and want moderators that anticipate fulfilling their commitment of a quarter.  If you anticipate a new baby, change in work schedule, or life event that could make this commitment difficult, we ask you to please not volunteer as a moderator.

6.)  If you are interested in joining our moderating team, please contact an administrator via private message with your inquiry.

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