Author Topic: MY M(S)PI Baby story and questions! :)  (Read 601 times)

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MY M(S)PI Baby story and questions! :)
« on: September 12, 2010, 02:49:52 am »
Hi all,
I am so happy to have found this forum, especially all the info on allergies, it has been such a wealth of information for me!

My dd is 4.5 months old and started havin green poos around 5 weeks old. She also spit up a LOT and had slightly bumpy skin all over her chest and would get quite a rash on her chin and neck. She also got diaper rash. She would get quite fussy in the evenings and wouldnt calm unless we held her upright. This is when she would spit up, a LOT. I mentioned this all to my doctor and he said all was normal and not a concern. He noted she had gained weight very well and seemed like a content, happy baby.
Around 9 weeks old is when I noticed small flecks of bright red blood in her diaper. :( Having determined my doctor is quite useless, I did my own research and found she most likely had cow's protein allergy. At first I tried eliminating only noticeable dairy and her symptoms did improve! The rashy skin on her chest diappeared, her diaper rash cleared up, and she wasnt nearly as fussy in the evenings.  Occasionally I still noticed blood in the diaper though and would go back through what I ate and found there was hidden dairy in a lot of the items. So now I try to avoid all dairy! My sweet daughter is SO much happier for it, the painful spitup/vomiting has gone away entirely.  She still spits up quite a bit but it doesnt seem to bother her at all.
At the next visit to the doctor I did tell him about the blood and my determination of a dairy allergy and he said it was possible, but also said he really wasnt concerned because she has gained weight so well (she is 15lbs at 4 months) and appeared to be very healthy.

I still notice she has weird poops though. :( They are often greenish and mucousy, even though I believe I've eliminated all dairy. I wonder if she also has a soy issue? Soy is in EVERYTHING!! Do you think I should also try to eliminate soy even though aside from the weird poops, she seems happy and content?

Also, even though I breastfeed exclusively, I have thought about occasionally adding in a bottle of formula. I tried giving dd Alimentum but she rejected it. I dont blame her. I tasted it and that stuff is NASTY!! Is there any other formula (available in Canada) that babies will take a little better?

Thanks for your help!
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Re: MY M(S)PI Baby story and questions! :)
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2010, 03:48:02 am »
Well, the weird poos make me think that something is still bothering her, even if only with GI stuff. How long have you been off all dairy?  Could it be still working out of her system and her guts are healing? Or if you are still consuming small amounts of hidden dairy, is it just giving her nasty poos and not affecting her otherwise? I eliminated obvious dairy but not hidden from my diet when Spencer was little, but her issues didn't clear up until she was totally on formula. For us, soy formula was okay so I went with that, I have no experience with the hypoallergenic ones. 



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Re: MY M(S)PI Baby story and questions! :)
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2010, 15:11:34 pm »
Hi, cute picture of your LO!   ;D

Unfortunately many LOs who are intolerant to dairy are also intolerant to soy  :(. The only way you can know for certain, is to eliminate it.  It does sound like something is still irritating his gut. As for formulas yes, they are gross, lol.  There is nutramigen and alimentum, and i think similac may make a HA one as well. Honestly, you would have to just continue to offer it.  Some bubs like it cold ( mine did ) .

((((hugs)))) it can be frustrating and overwhelming trying to figure it all out.   :-*