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mspi? please help
« on: May 18, 2011, 00:44:05 am »
okay, so my 3month old dd has been having colic-like crying spells. she was basically textbook colicy from about 4-8 weeks or so. and then she was diagnosed with reflux and put on prevacid so i figured that was the problem. but it seems to be back, not as predictably as last time, but just as frustrating. i think that i have noticed some correlation with dairy intake, but i am sure it would take being off it for a while to tell. we also though it was teeth, as you can see them below the surface (even the dr. noticed), and she sucks on her fist, drools and bites my nipple a lot. but there are times that orajel seem to do the trick, but other times that we use advil+orajel and she still screams for quite a while and can't sleep.  she is also naturally a good sleeper, but for about the last ten days has been sleeping a lot worse than before and having much harder of a time falling asleep like she used to be able to. and oshe has also had a ton of horrible gas, which sometimes seems to be waking her up.  so... i really feel like we need to change something.  i have cut out milk, but keep forgetting that i can't eat cheese, ice cream etc... lol. so still working on that. but what else do i need to do to see a change? does this sound like a mspi problem to you? please help!

edited to add that she has also had a lot of mucusy and then green poo, basically sense birth...
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Re: mspi? please help
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2011, 02:12:30 am »
i have cut out milk, but keep forgetting that i can't eat cheese, ice cream etc...

Well, if you do suspect MSPI and want to cut dairy and soy, it is hidden in way more things than you think it could be, especially soy!  With what you describe, I would almost want to try it and see what happens.  What does the Dr. think?  The teeth would sure contribute to the not sleeping, but if she has always had the nasty poos that makes me wonder.