Author Topic: Do I need to drop to 3 bottles???  (Read 784 times)

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Do I need to drop to 3 bottles???
« on: May 08, 2013, 01:38:46 am »

My LO  has just turned 7 months this week. For the past 2 weeks, she has not been interested in her solids and taking smaller amounts of milk at each feeding. At the moment this is our EASY:

WU: anywhere from 5.30-6.30am (alway stay in cot till 6.15-6.30am)
E: 7am milk, solids at 8-8.30am
S: 9.30/10-11.30am

E: 11.30am milk (will drink some), solids at 12.30-1pm
S: 2.30-3.30/4pm

E: 4pm milk (always takes a full feed) 5.30pm dinner (not interested)
BT: 6.45-7pm milk (only taking 1/2 feed)

Should i drop down to 3 feeds? if so when should they be. Iam just worried to drop on as she is off her solids, I can't even get 4-5 spoonfuls if Iam lucky. She started solids at 4 months

Any suggestions??

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Re: Do I need to drop to 3 bottles???
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2013, 03:17:28 am »
I would suspect teeth to be part of the issue given her age.  Solids are not really important in terms of nutrition at this age and it's absolutely fine to drop to 1 offering  (or none!) a day to see if you can get her milk  intake back up..   It could also be the start of a cold...