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« on: July 18, 2013, 10:48:52 am »
Hello :)
My DS is 10 mo now. I breastfeed him but when I'm at work his nanny gives him formula as well. This makes me feel really bad but I can't express enough milk for him. When he's one year old I'd like to wean him from breast milk and formula but I'm not sure if it isn't too early. Im worried if Ill be able to provide him with all the necessary nutrients.
His tipical day now is
5am breast milk
8 am porridge- water based
10 -bm
13- veggies, meat, groats
18- cereal- water based, fruit
20- bm
2-bm- only a little so I think its more habbit than hunger

Do you think I should change anything for now? When I'm at work my LO gets formula instead of bm so I'm happy to feed him at night but I don't think Ill be able to stand it for much longer. And I strongly believ that formula is unhealthy and I wouldn't warn to give it to my LO for much longer.
Thank you for any advice.

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Re: milk
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2013, 13:12:26 pm »
The WHO recommend breastfeeding until 2yo and beyond but if you prefer you can switch to cows milk at 12mo. Your LO doesn't need formula after 12mo and can get what he requires nutritionally from solid foods. Please don't feel bad about using formula. You are still giving breast milk which will give your LO great benefits even if he has formula at other times. You are doing really well to work and pump what you can" I know many mamas who do not feel able to continue BFing when they go back to work and switch to formula full time so be proud of yourself that you have managed to do what you have :D
Formula isn't actually unhealthy and has all the nutrition a baby requires it just doesn't have the antibodies and immunity that breast milk does.

Is there any reason why you make the cereals with water? I would switch to cows milk so it contains the fat and vitamins and minerals that babies need. Water is just bulk with no nutrition really.

I would concentrate on giving protein and fat in his solids diet now. Cereals don't really have many of those so I would swap the cereal at dinner time for a balanced meal with a protein, a carb, good fats and a veg with perhaps fruit and yogurt for dessert.

You may soon wish to swap one of the day feeds to a solids snack and a cup of cows milk once you start weaning at 12mo. Does your DS drink from a sippy? If you don't already I would start offering water in a cup with every meal so he can get used to it.
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