Author Topic: How do I fit it all in??  (Read 801 times)

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How do I fit it all in??
« on: August 31, 2013, 12:02:39 pm »
DD is 11.5 months old an her current routine is something like this

WU- 6.45
E- bottle+solids- 7-7.30
A- 4.5hrs
S- 11.15-1.15
E- 1.30 usually solids but if going out bottle first then solids about an hour later
A- 3.75
S- 5-5.20
E- solids 5.30
A- 2hrs
E- bottle before BT 7.10
BT- 7.30

It just doesn't fit in and it seems like her lunch and dinner are so late. She also hardly eats anything even if its something she likes so maybe she just not hungry enough. I know I should drop a bottle but even then lunch still seems late but her nap works so well at that time. I'm also worried as she doesn't eat much, most of which is just point blank refusal to try esp vegetables, they get spat out. I'm worried she'll start waking at night or EW due to hunger.

Can someone lend a fresh pair of eyes and give me an idea of how to fit it in, or if it seems ok? She has been very sick after her BT bottle a few times and I wonder if its because her dinner is so late. I hope someone can help. Also I think she will be going to one nap soon so it means she will be sleeping longer so unless she has lunch before nap it will be even later. I'm sure it wasn't this complicated with DS 😮

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Re: How do I fit it all in??
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2013, 19:48:49 pm »
Hi, I think around this time I had to do half lunch before nap and half after! Dinner seems ok at 5.30?

Not sure about the bottles, we breast fed but I dropped the first day feed at 10 month and the second at 11 months so at 11.5 Olly was on WU and BT feeds. Maybe the formula is filing her up so she doesn't want solids? She really is getting close to needing a lot more solids now.

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Re: How do I fit it all in??
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2013, 21:41:30 pm »
Hi, at this age and for a while mine had a HUGE snack around 10.30am (well, between 10 and 11, dependant on where we were and if a small snack was being given to all the LOs at toddler group), it originated as the 11am bottle, switched to a small snack but I noticed as time went on that snack got bigger and bigger and was basically lunch but at 10.30am.  Rather than regular snack food (bread stick, fruit etc) I made veg and bean burgers/fritters which were close to a balanced meal so he could eat them out and about if needed.  I think if you are having trouble dropping that lunch time bottle introducing a snack earlier on, mid morning, may help. It doesn't need to be huge like my DS's was, I just followed his appetite, if he wanted a lot at a certain time of day I went with it. It meant meal times where a little odd for me but I didn't mind.  It's also a little like the split lunch mentioned.

I also think 5.30pm is fine for dinner, I always kept 1.5hrs between dinner and BT and you have 2 hrs there, plenty of time for the food to go down.  Worth remembering that many LOs don't eat very much at that time of day though.
Does she have a decent appetite for breakfast? I switched breakfast foods (on a tip from BWers) when DS ate so little protein that I was concerned, and put it at breakfast (a sausage or an egg) which he ate no problem, offering the same thing later in the day he would have only eaten a bite or two - maybe this approach would help with vegies in your DD's case?  you could cook extra at dinner the day before and serve some up for breakfast.  It's only culture which dictates what is and isn't a breakfast food.