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Inspiration for 9 month old
« on: August 19, 2014, 19:46:26 pm »
I need a bit of inspiration for meals for my DD. Both DH and I work so we are tight on time, but I'm also adamant that I want her to have home cooked food except for on the odd occasion. She has porridge every morning, plain made with whole milk. At lunch she will normally have a sandwich (1 slice 50/50 bread) with full fat cream cheese, with a carrot puff, full fat Greek yoghurt & some fruit. For tea she will usually have meat & veg/pasta/lasagne/spaghetti bolognese/jacket potato.

She is offered water at every meal & throughout the day, she also still has 3x 6oz bottles a day.

I just feel bad that she has almost the same thing every day for breakfast & lunch.

Anyone got any good ideas?

TIA :-)

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Re: Inspiration for 9 month old
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2014, 21:04:58 pm »
I think LOs often quite like the routine of having similar foods each day so don't see any harm in breakfast and lunch being almost the same each day and dinner is giving her a variety of tastes to explore.
There's a list of spreads here if you might want to browse through for inspiration for lunch sandwiches
Healthy Spreads
Do you pack her lunch to take to a child minder?  How about cooking another serving of veggies the night before and packing them to be eaten cold at lunch the next day?