Author Topic: NWs in the early morning -16 weeks old  (Read 665 times)

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NWs in the early morning -16 weeks old
« on: December 19, 2014, 14:48:13 pm »
Hi there,

I also posted on the EASY forum but haven't had much response, so I thought I might try here, since the bulk of our problems are at night. Our daytime naps have gotten a lot better in the last two weeks, but it's had virtually no impact on his behavior at night :-(

It's hard to give a totally complete EASY because our early mornings are so screwy. Typically, he cries about 4-5 hours after going to bed and I feed him (so around 12-1) and then he cries again between 3-4am, I offer the breast and he definitely nurses for awhile. And then he cries again every 30-60  min after that until I finally decide it's "morning". If I pick him up or leave him be, he escalates, however, if I nurse him, he nurses for awhile and then falls back asleep, only to repeat the pattern 45-60 minutes later. there have been days when I just turn on the lights around  before 6am if he is crying and half the time he is really happy, the other half of the time he clearly doesn't want to be awake.

He has also been difficult to get to bed the last few nights - taking several hours to completely settle into a deep sleep. So his core night hours tend to be 8pm-4/5am which seems too short! Here is an example day to give you a sense:

7am WU
8:55 E
9 S
10:30 A
12: E
12:15 S
3:10 A
4 E
5 S
5:50 A

6:45 E
7:50 E
8 S restless and needed help going back to sleep until 9pm

NWs at 1:30, 4:15, 5:15 (broke down and nursed him every time)

6:20 WU
7 E
8:15 S
11 A ( I woke him up, he would have kept sleeping!)
11:20 E
1 E
1:10 S
3:50 A
4:15 E
5:45 E
6: S (tried to make it bt but he woke up really alert 20 m later)
6:20 A
Attempted bt again at 7:45
8:15 BT

NWs at 12:30, 3:45, 5, 5:45

6:45 WU
8:30 E
9:50 S
9:40 A
10:50 E
11:15 S (my dad was in charge of this nap, lol)
11:55 A
1 E
1:30 S
4:20 A
4:35 E
6:25 E/attempted BT - he woke up crying on and off until he settled in to deep sleep at 8:30

NWs: 12:15, 3:15, 5:15, 6:20 ...he seemed really tired at 6:20 so I decided to let him sleep and now it's 7:45am and he is still sleeping.

Ugh! He does have reflux issues and is on zantac, crib raised, and I've cut out all dairy. During the day, he is not hugely interested in eating, so I don't know if part of the problem is that he's cluster feeding in the early morning, early evenings? Can I get him out of that habit? Or is there anything obviously out of wack with his schedule. He has always, always been restless from 4am on his whole life and it's killing me!! Please help! Thanks in advance

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Re: NWs in the early morning -16 weeks old
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2014, 14:21:29 pm »
We ask that members post their sleep question on only one forum, so that help is not split across the board.  As you've already received some help on the thread in the EASY forum, I've locked this thread.

Here are the link to the other thread, please could anyone who has advice add it here: Re: 12 weeks old and we're a mess here!
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