Author Topic: Is anything wrong with my easy? 10 mo still freq. wu at night  (Read 4001 times)

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Re: Is anything wrong with my easy? 10 mo still freq. wu at night
« Reply #15 on: May 06, 2015, 23:11:12 pm »
Hi! What's his EASY these days and what have you been doing for his NWs?

My DS also sleeps in the room with us and has actually pushed DH out because of his schedule and sounds.  DS also had a few and long NWs up until 2 nights ago when we had him settle in his crib for all NWs. 5 days ago, I cut out all NFs.  We had the exact NWs at around 12 and 3, or 1 and 4. He did have a few cry outs last night, but it could've been because he only slept 1 hr during the day and had a massive A time before bed.

Basically, I'm using the sleep sense program.  Honestly, it's similar to some other books I've read on gentler methods of sleep training but the daily videos are awesome.  Personally it's great because it holds me accountable and gives me tips for each night and day. It also is a motivator to not give up and just a good support overall. 

Can you describe what your goals are and what the room situation would be again?
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Re: Is anything wrong with my easy? 10 mo still freq. wu at night
« Reply #16 on: May 07, 2015, 02:32:06 am »
His easy as of late is up at 630 am nap at 10-11 (this fluctuates occasionally, can be as short as 30 or 45 min all the way to 2 hrs. Ill let this one go and cap his pm nap) with his PM nap at 230-330 and BT at 7/715. I know his A times are short but im trying to push them out. When ive done it before hes always ended up OT and fights his naps and throws everything off. This EASY seems to work best for the daytime hours, but im not sure if its part of the problem at night? I know he can get in 2 naps this way. Hes not even close to being ready for 1 nap and I think part of that is how much hes up at night. I feel like its going to start being detrimental to his health since hes not getting any long, recooperative stretches at night.
My goals are to to cut out night feeds or even decrease them. I know it would be much easier if we weren't in a room together. His crib is at the foot of our bed but about 3 1/2 feet off of the end so hes right there and can see us. I hate letting him fuss as hes staring at me. The room situation would be one of two ways. Either we leave him in our room, take over DSD room and put her in the extra twin in DD room (its not in there yet but the plan was for DS to move in with DD once he slept through the night so the room is situaited for it to be and easy transistion for an extra bed to come in). OR we would let DD sleep in DSD room with her (when she is staying with us every other week) and we would put DS crib in DD room since eventually that's where he would be going. I don't mind him in here with us but it would be nice to have our space back again. We have a smallish house so there is little room for space lol. I think I would rather do the last option since that's were he would be going eventually but that's also why we wanted to wait until DSD was out of school since she and DD would share her big bed....they only have maybe 2 weeks left...maybe 3 of school.
I know DS uses me as a prop with his nw which is so strange bc he doesn't nurse to sleep any other time. Even at his BT feed ive stopped letting him fall asleep.
I stopped the DF about 6 weeks ago and I don't really notice a difference in his wakings. Right now he is sitting at every 2 hrs and sometimes every hr. For a while he was doing 3 hrs with a 4 hr stretch thrown in. Im just exhausted and I know you can relate. If my first child would have done this id be in the loony bin still!!!