Author Topic: 9 mo old 5:40 EW every morning  (Read 524 times)

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9 mo old 5:40 EW every morning
« on: May 11, 2015, 01:17:51 am »
My LO has been on BW since birth and a text book baby. We had the 5 month sleep regression but that ended about a month ago when he stared sleeping through the night (YAY!!).  He is EBF (except for bottles at school). Since he started sleeping through the night he starts to stir at 5:40 (nearly on the dot!). He talks to himself, rolls around, sits up and seems in a good mood. After about 15 minutes he will start to fuss for us to come get him. How do I extend this wake up time?  His EASY is:

5:40 wake up and plays in his crib
6ish. Daddy gets him and brings him to our bed for me to BF (accidental parenting, I know)
6:30 up for the day
6:30-10 ish Activity
10-10:30 cat nap
11 bottle and food
11-1:30 Activity
1:30-3:30 long afternoon nap (I don't have control of this time since he is at school)
3:30 bottle
Activity and food till bed time at 7:45

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: 9 mo old 5:40 EW every morning
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2015, 06:07:06 am »
Hi hun. I think bedtime is too late and that early waking is down to OT. Bringing bedtime forward to around 6.30 should help. How old is he now?

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Re: 9 mo old 5:40 EW every morning
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2015, 08:10:21 am »
Yes I guess it's the whole day routine so a mix of a long day but also a long nap late during day... I have a friend who did have the same issue and almost nothing helped.

The case there was a 2h nap as at your case, quite late during day and overall sleep of 2.5h per day. Together with nights her son was doing 13-13.5h of sleep. She tried various BTs but he was just doing 10,5h nights no matter what BT she offered. Finally she accepted quite late BT of 8pm, he was waking around 6:00/6:30, she was then doing a short 15min catnap and 2h nap around 1:30/2:00pm. He slept 2h always on this second nap.

In your case I would probably:
- think of capping morning nap to 15min (maybe it will help) OR
- think of capping afternoon nap to 1.5h & bringing BT earlier to maybe 7pm
- remodel the whole routine to long am/short pm but long am nap should probably be pushed to at least 11am
- accept it until he is ready for 1 nap (my friend is currently doing 7:30/6:30 night and around 2h nap but if the nap is shorter like 1h, she goes for earlier BT and her son started to catch up).