Author Topic: HELP 15 months old waking for hours at night  (Read 433 times)

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HELP 15 months old waking for hours at night
« on: September 02, 2016, 08:05:27 am »
hi there,

my 15 old DD is an independent sleeper, she goes down independently at naps and BT and sometimes sleeps through the night. other nights she has maybe 1 or 2 short wakings and settles easily by us laying her back down. lately, however she has started waking after maybe 2-3 hrs after BT and is up then for up to 5 hrs till she eventually falls asleep in our bed. this usually happens on days after a bad nap or a early waking, so I suspect she wakes from being OT. she moved early to 1 nap, at 10 months because she handled long A times very well. we had early wakings for ages (around 5am) but got rid of them when we moved her BT later to 7.15 rather than trying to do early BT's at 6.30. we figured that she does max 10/10.5 hrs per night, so having her down so early for BT was just not working. anyway my husband thinks that her long NW's are a sleep prop, as in she demands to come into our bed. I think its OT related, when she wakes after 2/3 hrs after BT she is so OT that she cant fall asleep independently anymore. any ideas? so far, we always ended up to bring her into our bed after like 2 hrs as its just so hard to do WI/WO in the middle of the night and also because DD1 is next door and we are afraid that she may wake up.
our routine is usually like this:
WU 6am
nap 11.30-1.30 (set nap in daycare)
BT 7.15, asleep by 7.30

any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: HELP 15 months old waking for hours at night
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2016, 14:44:08 pm »
Wow, 5hrs at night, that's a long NW! I remember your thread when you were getting 4am starts to the day, it's good that improved but the NWs sound equally exhausting.

Could she be in an UT/OT loop? That nap looks a little early..would it be possible to try a later start or does it have to be 11.30 at daycare?

The sleep prop idea is also possible. Personally I would be tempted to try WI/WO (if she previously self settled). It's short term a few bad nights for long term gain. Could your DD1 stay with any other family while you did it? We had long NWs with DD for a spell and were reluctant to do wi/WO because we have DS but in the end had to and we all slept badly for a couple of nights but then caught up and slept better in the long run.
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