Author Topic: Day 4 Regression?  (Read 579 times)

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Day 4 Regression?
« on: November 24, 2016, 13:13:11 pm »
Hi All,
I have been doing BW (PU/PD) for my 7 month old baby. The first 3 days went well and he was self soothing by day 2 and taking longer naps according to the 4 Hour EASY plan. However today his morning nap was 30 minutes - I continued Pu/Pd until the end time of the nap then allowed him to get up. Has anyone experienced a blip like this? Should I have continued until he fell asleep - not sure if I've now gone backwards by getting him up after 1 hour of continuing...?

Update: his second nap was only 45 minutes. The past few days he has done either two hours or one hour and a half.
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Re: Day 4 Regression?
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2016, 20:31:30 pm »
Congratulations on your PU/PD success & the start of self soothing & longer naps.

Honestly, some days you just get short naps, sometimes there's no clear reason and it can just be a one off. I'd carry on as you were for a few more days, see if longer naps return. If not comeback, post your day in EASY format and we can chat it through.

How long you continue PU/PD is up to you. Personally though if my LO hadn't resettled after 20-30 mins max, I usually gave up as I couldn't face hours and hours in a darkened room with a baby who was grumpy because she wanted to get up and play!
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