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8 Month Old night wakings
« on: April 06, 2017, 13:40:19 pm »
Hi all,

My 8 month old daughter has just come to the end of Wonder Week 37, 3 teeth coming through and a bad cold all at once and her night sleep is just starting to settle down again this week.  Previously, and through this period, she had been taking 2 nighttime BFs with possibly a few other night wakings thrown in.  However, at the start of the week she started a habit of waking up firstly at around 10:40pm after a 7:30pm bedtime.  Given that this was only 3 hours after her bedtime feed we settled her back to sleep expecting her to wake up around midnight or maybe 00:30 wanting to be fed.  The first night she slept until 2:30am when we fed her.  The second night she slept til 3:55am and the third 3:30am.  She had been quite animated and annoyed the first two nights at the 10:40pm waking but this was less so on the third night.  On each occasion she would sleep until between 5am and 6am after the night feed and then come into bed with my wife and sleep until around 7am.

Since we were considering trying to wean her off one of the two night feeds we were pleased that she had appeared to drop one herself.  However, last night she did not wake at 10:40 for any length of time, just a grumble on the monitor at this time then settled herself back off to sleep and woke at 1:40am and did not seem to be hungry, so we tried to resettle her.  She was easy to calm down, but we didn't get her back off to sleep so we ended up feeding at 2:30am and she then slept to 5am (with a brief grumble through the monitor around 4).

My question is, if she was perfectly happy to sleep until 2:30, 3:55 and 3:30 for 3 nights then am I right in assuming she's capable (and happy) to go through the night with just one feed?  If she wakes again tonight before around 2/2:30 should we be trying to re-settle her? Her typical routine is below:

Awake for day 7:15
Nap 11:15
Awake 11:45
Nap 3:45
Awake 4:15
Bedtime 7:15/7:30 depending on her mood

Her first two A times were pushed out to 4 hours in an effort to try to get past the 30 minute naps which worked initially and then stopped.  However, she does seem to be showing signs of napping a bit longer again in the last couple of days on this routine.  She's perfectly happy with the 4 hour A time and is happy and laughing/smiling until naptime, so I don't think its too long for her.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: 8 Month Old night wakings
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2017, 17:36:14 pm »
Hi newfather and apologies for The wait.

Yes, if she is able to sleep through til 2/3 then it is ok to assume she doesn't need the feed and if she does wake you can resettle her. The more this goes on, the likely she'll transfer the feed to the day, if she hasn't already.

Here's a link to info on when babies can go without feeds through the night.

When can I stop feeding at night?