Author Topic: 11 month old wakes up 2x a night = exhausted mommy  (Read 159 times)

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11 month old wakes up 2x a night = exhausted mommy
« on: April 13, 2017, 06:10:14 am »
My 11 month old settles to naps really well. I can just lay her in her bed with her paci and her lovey and she falls asleep really well. For a while she was doing really well at night settling back to sleep without needing to nurse. I could pick her up give her the paci, wrap her in her blanket and she was golden until 4 when she would wake up to nurse. So I would nurse her at 4 and we would cuddle in bed until it was time to get up and feed her 2 year old brothers. But now she screams if I try to give her the paci before nursing her. I am getting a feeling this is a feeding issue rather than a sleeping issue. Based on our schedule and her eating habits, what do you think? P.S. - we sleep in the same room because her older brothers share the only other room in our apartment. I have frozen breastmilk in the freezer, but it has a funny, almost soapy, aftertaste and I wonder if I have too much lactase in my milk, LO won't drink the warmed up breastmilk and only plays with the bottle when it is offered to her.

7.00 WU/nurse just a little (she has probably eaten 2 hours ago, so this is more of a snack than a full feeding)
7.30 breakfast - baby pancake, 4oz fruit puree, and a couple bites of egg
10.00 - catnap - she normally sleeps for about 30 minutes here, just enough to get her through till 12.45 when I put the twins down for their nap (theoretically giving me 2 solid hours to myself).
10.30 - WU/nurse
12 lunch - 1/2 peanut butter and jam sandwich, 4 oz veggie/fruitpuree and/or yogurt
12.45 Nurse to sleep - I read to the boys when putting them down for their nap and it worked out to nurse her so she wouldn't fuss while I held her and read to them. And that just stuck. She will go down for this nap without nursing, but I often just nurse her, mostly because I like to cuddle.
1.30 nurse back to sleep (yeah, I know it's an issue...)
3.00 WU snack (cheese, apple, or a slice of bread)
6.00 dinner - she eats whatever we eat, and it tends to be heavier in protein and carbs, because their dad likes meat.
8.00 bedtime routine
8.30 sleeping
NW between 12 and 1 -nurse, then give paci and put back in bed
NW between 3 and 4 - nurse, then give paci and cuddle till dad gets out of bed around 5.30 when he puts her back in her bed.

I'm hoping it is a feeding issue. Because we share the same room, I'm fairly certain wi/wo won't work. I tried pu/pd and she just screamed the whole time (like she didn't stop screaming when I held her) - I think she might be a little old for pu/pd anyways. Should I try going back to a dream feed to see if that helps?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: 11 month old wakes up 2x a night = exhausted mommy
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2017, 02:14:09 am »
Hi there...
Did we respond to this? We lost the last few days and can't remember if your post was addressed.

How have things been regardless?