Author Topic: E.A.S.Y. with Reflux Baby  (Read 874 times)

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E.A.S.Y. with Reflux Baby
« on: May 18, 2017, 18:13:36 pm »
My LO is 3 weeks old. We've been on a routine since coming home from the hospital, and he does GREAT. He is an angel baby: sleeps right until I wake up for his feeding, eats well, is happy the time he is awake, easy to soothe, adapts without problems to everything (like sleeping in a nosy restaurant, car rides...). We are very very lucky!!!
The only problem we've had is with him being too sleepy during feeds, but as he's growing older he's more awake! (We don't do cluster feeding because he just won't wake up/eat)
And he sleeps for 4-5 hours at night after his dream feed, and another 3-4 hours after that nighttime feed.

But he has started having reflux, he's in so much pain, and medicated because it's burning his esophagus. He is having a hard time and although when he is tired he sleeps for 2 hours until I wake him up for his feed, I'm worried about falling into AP while we sort this out.

For example, he slept for 30 minutes this morning and woke up in pain. I knew he was in pain and tried to confort him but with no luck, so I just popped him in the wrap and let him sleep there...

Should I try to make him fall asleep again, even when I know it's not a matter of him having problems with his sleep, but with his tummy??

Does anybody have any advice on how to stick to our routines with a reflux baby?

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Re: E.A.S.Y. with Reflux Baby
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2017, 18:36:13 pm »
Hi there, welcome to BW forums :)

Sounds like you've started out great :)

Sorry to hear your LO is suffering with reflux though, that's awful.  It really does disturb sleep and I'm afraid there isn't much you can do other continue to medicate and have medication checked/changed if the reflux is not under control.
Your LO really will be disturbed during sleep and comforting him is the best thing. I wouldn't worry about using the sling, just go ahead, being upright will help, being close to you will help too.
It is possible to gently sleep train a refluxer, several of us have done so. I actually didn't know mine had reflux until he was older and I'd already gently sleep trained, but of course I still had those awful naps and awful nights when he just wouldn't and couldn't sleep at all, even the most independent sleepers still need Mummy when they can't sleep or are in pain.
If you are able to continue to put him down for the start of naps this can really help to just pave the way for the future. He can learn to nod off laying flat and on his own (so long as he is content to do so of course, otherwise you help him and he gradually learns) and this will give him a lot of skill that will carry forward even if you need to pick him up mid nap to resettle in the sling.

You can also raise the head end of the cot with cot safe cot blocks and inside the cot with deep cot safe wedges. Even a combo of both.  This can help to reduce the amount of acid coming up.  Your LO is too young for side sleeping but when he is older sleeping on his left side is also helpful.  If you are unable to settle him in his cot on his back he might settle on his left side and then you can gently roll him back for safe sleeping.

We also have a reflux board if you would like to ask any further questions there:

I hope this helps.