Author Topic: 5 month old sleep issue  (Read 705 times)

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5 month old sleep issue
« on: December 27, 2017, 15:58:16 pm »
Hello all;
My LO has always been an energetic alert baby, he was born with  forceps and was real gassy at 0-3 months, for lack of better knowledge and at friends recommendation he spent most his time in a baby career.
At three months I put him on easy and it took work to teach him how to sleep-shhh pat, PU/PD ext.
The closer he got to 4 months the more our schedule was lost. For a while he was doing great, giving me 7-8 hour starches at night. But at 4 months it all went.
So we moved to 4/4 graduly...
For a week about-that worked 😂
Now-his daytime naps are sort-one hour- 1:30 hours, his catnap is a struggle! And he wakes real frequently at night.
Sometimes even staying awake for an hour and a half/two hours.

Yesterdayís schedule;
6:50 awake
7:00 eat
9;15 sleep woke up 10:15. Shhh pat-stayed up
11:00 eat
12:40 sleep
2:05 awake
3:00 eat
5:00 showing signed of tiered so I put in bed-wonít sleep-sshhhh pat. PU/PD
Feel asleep 5:45
6:30 awake
7:00 feed
7:20 bath
7:40 bed.

Woke up at 10, 11(feed) 12, 2, 4(feed) stayed up till 5:45 and woke up at 6:30

I am alone in the USA, my husband works from 7am and comes home 8-10 P.M. I am breastfeeding and the only one that takes care of LO and honestly Iím running out of straight. HELP!! 🙏🏻
 Also Iím kind of confused how long should the two S go for and how the E time falls in.
Please can you post a general schedule so I know what about it should look like
TY so so much

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Re: 5 month old sleep issue
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2017, 22:35:20 pm »
Hi there :)

It looks like he might need a bit more awake time. He's taking some shorter naps that mean he's probably undertired (UT) when he's going to sleep. 1.5hr nap is two sleep cycles and is considered restorative - you're not going to get luscious 2.5hr naps at this age. EAS is a routine, not a schedule. It is a sequence of events that follow each other to create some predictability for both you and your baby.

6:50 awake7:00 eat9;15 sleep woke up 10:15. Shhh pat-stayed up
Here's a 1hr nap. If you can keep him up an extra 15mins, this nap should extend. Give it a 3-4 days at the longer A time of 2:25 and then we can work from there if things are still not resolving. This longer A time first thing in the morning should help with the longer happy wakings in the early hours of the morning as well.

10:15. Shhh pat-stayed up11:00 eat 12:40 sleep2:05 awake
Here you've done 2:25 A time off a short nap and he's then done a 1:25 nap, so nearly the right amount of tired for a good nap. I'd probably keep this one as is or push just a little bit and see how naps go over the next few days.

2:05 awake3:00 eat5:00 showing signed of tiered so I put in bed-wonít sleep-sshhhh pat. PU/PDFeel asleep 5:456:30 awake
This A time was probably a bit too long... or maybe closer to what he really needs. Its hard to tell.

In light of all of that, I'd probably aim for something like this (shifted for WU time unless he starts waking progressively earlier in which case we can fix the first nap):
7 - wake, feed
9:30 - nap
11 - wake, feed (if he wakes earlier and won't resettle, just feed when he wakes and roll on for the next A time)
1:30 - nap
3 - wake, feed
5:30 - catnap
6 - wake, feed
BT routine
8 - asleep in bed for the night