Author Topic: 6 day trip away from 11mo...  (Read 400 times)

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6 day trip away from 11mo...
« on: April 21, 2018, 16:03:18 pm »
Hi mama friends... Iíd love your advice. My husband and I have to travel out of state for a family wedding just a few days after my ds turns 11 months. We were planning to take him, but itís going to be very difficult travel days and long flights... for reasons I think we can all understand, it might be better for all if we can leave him with family. Weíre exclusively bf (4 times daily right now) but he LOVES solids and is rocking finger foods at almost 10mo.

Hereís my question... is it reasonable to partially wean him to 1-2 feedings by then? Is that enough milk to be healthy? We were planning to totally wean between 12-13 months anyway. Iím just trying to calculate how much milk I would need to have pumped in order to leave him, and obviously 2 bottles a day is easier to store up than 4 bottles a day!!  Thoughts? This my third but for the life I canít remember how much my girls were nursing at 11 months! Lol!

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Re: 6 day trip away from 11mo...
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2018, 22:30:51 pm »
 Really breast milk should be the main source of nutrition until at least 12mo so ideally babies should be fed on demand until after 1yo at least (WHO recommend 2yo)  1-2 feeds in 24hrs is definitely lower end for his age.
Average breastmilk intake for 11-16mo is 19oz in 24hrs. There's good info on that here
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