Author Topic: 10 week old doing EAES and is so distracted while breastfeeding  (Read 432 times)

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Dear BW-mums,

my DD2 is 10 weeks old and used to be a perfect EASY-Baby. About 10 days ago she started decreasing drinking time to approx 5 minutes first breast and just a few minutes second breast. So far ok but she gets so distracted by her surrounding, starring and smiling at me, the ceiling and curtains...its sometimes difficult to get her even to drink that little.
Getting her down for her nap is normally fine but more and more often she starts fussing and crying when laying her down and won‘t stop till I offer her my breast (and I really tried not to but at some point I have to - so frustrating), she then drinks perfectly - today before her first nap she drank 7 minutes.
So we slowly drift to a EAESY pattern which I do not want because she of course is less hungry after waking up from her nap and we start that procedure all over again...
Sometimes it’s an EAEASY pattern because she does not fall asleep while drinking. Better but also not ideal, right?
What can I do??

She still has a night waking around 3am. DD1 skipped that by 8/9 weeks so I am very much waiting for DD2 to do that too 😉

Here is our schedule

7 — E (on and off/ offering her both breasts)
A — smiling, singing, swing and looking around
8 — S (today she only fell asleep at 9 with an additional feeding)
11 — E
12 — S (again sometimes with an additional feeding right before bed)
3 — E (i often have to wake her up for her feeding)
4 — S (again sometimes with an additional feeding right before bed)
6 — E
After that feeding we make her ready for bed
7 — cluster feeding and right to bed
10:30 — DF

Around 3am she wakes for a feed (nothing else makes her sleep again and she drinks very good on one side) and is down again soon

Could it be that we already should move to a 4 hour EASY? To get her more hungry??

TIA!! I love this forum and read here every day 💕
Tracy saved my life with DD1 and now happily implementing this great philosophy with DD2.

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Re: 10 week old doing EAES and is so distracted while breastfeeding
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