Author Topic: How to start 4mp on EASY?  (Read 322 times)

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How to start 4mp on EASY?
« on: August 14, 2018, 12:58:38 pm »
I still nurse to sleep.

Recently all naps are 30mins but I can nurse again and hes will sleep again after a couple of tries waking up when i place him on the bed.  Also, I troed and failed at ST the night before last night and he now wakes up every 15-30mins. He was waking up every 2hrs before that...then every hour as he entered the regression. I think hes gassy too since he just wont burp and then toses and turns for hours.

ST failed becuase i think hes a touchy baby. He woukd arch his back looking for me screaming and flailing his arms and lega. I now know i need to darken the room and swaddle but its so hot here and the A/C is just outside in the living room (directly towards our room door).

E WU 10am and try to nurse (not too hungry)
S12pm...or at least i try with a toddler to attend to. But hea pretty vocal at this point telling me he wants to sleep

Whenever he wakes up (after 30 mins) i try to nurse back to sleep. Sometimes works and i go from there and adjust. I usually get him to sleep  every 145-2hrs+ depending in what im doing.

I noticed that when he wakes up from naps, hes looking for the breast. Do you think i should give him a pacifier? I really dont want to start that habit unless i need to...i dont even know if he can keep it in.

BT 10-11pm
Wind down is just me putting on the bfing pillow, closing the curtains and nursing.

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Re: How to start 4mp on EASY?
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2018, 18:16:53 pm »
These links should help with starting:

The first few days with starting are always observation followed by putting in a routine you think will best fit.
If you are concerned about feeding to sleep and nursing mid nap to get back to sleep you could read through the no cry method which is great for weaning feed to sleep props:

And you can use the W2S on the 30 min naps to shush/pat through to the next sleep cycle:

Otherwise, really it's just about starting to help LO learn to go to sleep in the cot and putting in place consistent routines.
The short naps can be developmental too.