Author Topic: how to get back on track when OT causes bad naps and early waking.  (Read 535 times)

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I shifted my 18 mo to 1 nap at 17 months cold turkey (she'd been resisting two naps and night wakings were increasing).
After the first 3 days, she got into a great routine, was sleeping through the night. This was her ~ routine.

6.30am wake
12.15/30-3/3.15pm nap (often I had to wake her at 3.15pm).
7.30pm bed

Then she got sick for a few days, and now she is consistently waking at 5.15am (3 weeks), and i can't re-settle her. She only naps from 12.30-2pm, and bed time is the same. We tried pushing bedtime earlier but that didn't work.

Looking for pointers on what to do as this isn't enough sleep. Today she crawled into her brothers bed while we were playing at 10am and fell asleep.

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Re: how to get back on track when OT causes bad naps and early waking.
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2018, 19:01:08 pm »
Hi there, are things still the same now?
Is she tired and miserable when she wakes so early or is she happy and ready to play?
Have you tried shifting the nap slightly later to see if it encourages her to WU later in the morning?
Have you got the room fully blacked out?