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Help! Bedtime routine - 4.5months, EASY 4 hr routine
« on: September 10, 2018, 18:38:02 pm »
My DD is 4.5 months old, EBF and on the EASY 4 hour routine.
Daytime naps are not a problem. She falls asleep within minutes of being swaddled and placed in her cot. White noise, dark room and dummy. She’s in her cot drowsy but awake and falls asleep really quickly.

Need help with her bedtime...I bath, feed and put to sleep by 7/7:30. Her bedtime routine is super calming including dimmed lights, lavender oil in bath, I barely talk to her and make sure I don’t overstimulate.
Exact same steps as her naps, she’s swaddled, lights off, dummy in and put down for sleep.
Except this time she will fuss and wriggle for about 30mins, sometimes up to an hour before she falls asleep.
She spits her dummy out every few seconds and will cry for it to be put back. I try leave her to self settle and suck her fingers. But after a few mins she is crying really hard and I put the dummy back in. It’s a series of wriggling, dummy in and dummy out for ages until she finally falls asleep.

Any suggestions on what’s going on? I thought she might need to burp but no matter how long I hold her upright she never burps.
So tired of these long evenings waiting for her to fall asleep, especially when she settles so quickly during the day.

Any help greatly appreciated!
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