Author Topic: 5 month old waking more at night again - help!  (Read 364 times)

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5 month old waking more at night again - help!
« on: September 23, 2018, 15:11:56 pm »
Hi there,

Iím hoping for some advice on sleep habits for my 5 month old please - he is EBF, I have been trying to shush pat him when he wakes but am now so tired Iíve resorted to feeding him back to sleep 🙈

1. Multiple overnight wakings - Previously my DSís night time sleep was excellent and he would only wake once around 4/5am for a feed or sometimes sleep through to 6-7 ish (from a 20.30 ish bedtime). Then we went on holiday and his o/n sleep seemed to regress (possibly also 4 month sleep regression?) and he started to wake every couple of hours. Once home we brought his bedtime forward to 19.30 as he seemed to be getting tired earlier and tried to put more of a bedtime routine in place which helped a bit but he is still waking quite a few times a night and itís starting to take its toll, Iíd really like to help him get back to having bigger blocks of sleep óany suggestions for how I can help him with this?

On a positive note he has just started to self soothe a bit which is great and he will now mostly send himself off to sleep when we put him in his cot awake - brilliant stuff!

2. Short daytime naps - For a couple of days after he started to self-settle a bit more it also seemed like he was starting to extend his daytime nap timings but this has now regressed back to 30-45 min naps at the longest. Iím wondering if this is also affecting his overnight sleep?

Here are a couple of sample days of our routine, every day is a bit different depending on his wake up time.

Thurs - best long nap day so far
06.25 awake
06.50 E
07.05 A
07.40 S
09.00 A
09.40 E
09.55 A
10.30 S
12.35 E
12.50 A
15.10 S
15.50 E
16.05 A
18.25 E
18.45 S
01.55 E
02.20 S
04.55 awake self settled
06.05 awake

Sat - short naps and overnight wakings
06.00 awake and E
08.15 S
08.50 E
09.10 A
10.00 S
10.45 A
12.05 E
12.20 A
12.55 S
13.25 A
14.25 E
14.55 A
15.30 S
16.15 A
17.05 E
17.20 A
19.10 E
19.35 S
20.35 E
20.45 S
01.45 E
02.05 S
04.15 E
04.30 S
04.45 E
04.55 S
06.05 E
06.20 S
07.40 awake

Thanks in advance any advice appreciated!