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Clarify schedule
« on: December 20, 2018, 02:32:26 am »
I’m working on following the schedule for age 6 month and beyond. I just need clarification bc I cannot find my Baby Whisperer book  :( When the schedule says “breast/bottle (snack)” does that mean a bottle AND a snack or the bottle would be the snack?? And it says “Dinner (solids)”, so no bottle then? Sorry for the confusion. Just recently moved and I’ve got to find my book!

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Re: Clarify schedule
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2018, 14:33:55 pm »
At 6 months baby usually has 4 milk feeds in the day (plus any at night, usually at least 1).  Just looking at the day:
mid morning
mid afternoon

Solids are introduced roughly 1hr after a milk feed and initially you can introduce just one meal, often breakfast or lunch so if breakfast then:
WU milk
1hr later breakfast solids
mid morning milk
mid afternoon milk
BT milk

If lunch is the first meal introduced then it comes roughly 1hr after the mid morning milk.

The reason it says breast/bottle (snack) is because in the later months (depending on LO and if they begin to refuse one or more milk feeds or depending on their age/development then maybe around 10-12 months) and when 3 main meals are established (breakfast lunch dinner) then one of the mid morning or mid afternoon milk feeds can be switched to a solids snack, this doesn't mean you can't give milk, you can give a solids snack with a sippy cup of water and if you want to offer a sippy of milk too you can. Bare in mind that by/at 12  months solids is the main food source so switching the mid milks to a snack is just a way to move towards solids but whilst still keeping your routine roughly the same, LO will be expecting some food but is likely happy to take a solids snack rather than bottle/breast.  After switching one of the mid-milks to a solids snack you might continue with the other as a milk feed for a while and maybe switch that one a few weeks later... or LO might love solids and want to switch them both.

With any and all of the solids meals you can finish the meal with a top up of milk, some LOs demand milk right after solids even if they had water and even if they had their normal milk feed just an hour earlier.  It is up to you and your LO if you like to finish off a meal or snack with some milk.

By 12 months you'd be looking at 3 solids meals, 2 snacks and at least one good milk (often WU or BT milk is kept to ensure a good amount of calcium). If you are BF you might want to continue with more than 1 milk feed as on-demand feeding can continue well beyond 12 months.

Not  a clear cut answer but hopefully this makes sense for you and will help you work out what it suitable for you and your LO.