Author Topic: 10 week old, 3.5hr EASY help.  (Read 300 times)

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10 week old, 3.5hr EASY help.
« on: December 28, 2018, 09:00:39 am »
So on 3 hour feeds DS2 dropped his interest in feeds and was more snack feeding than taking a full bottle. On the odd occasion he has stretched to 3.5hrs then he has drank more and so I think I need to push him to a 3.5hour EASY.

My problem is, that his naps donít line up with the Ďscheduleí. He manages somewhere between 1hr20-30mins awake time but then will only nap for 45mins - regardless of whether heís in his cot, or am or sling. Then itís almost like thatís enough to keep him going because heís impossibke to resettle, which then results in him getting sleepy around his next feed time or not long after it.
We end up doing: EASAES.

This morning so far has looked like this:
WU/E: 7:10
A: 1h30
S: 8:40 - 9:25 tried to resettle but wide awake and smiling.
A: 20mins before getting grizzly. 30mins before he started dozing back to sleep on my chest, so I put him in his cot but he would then startle wide awake and not resettle. So I ended up just holding him, but he only dozed really.
S: 9:55 - 10:30 (when I woke him for a feed.)
E: 10:30

I know I need to work on him self settling and extending his naps but Iíve tried ssh/pat which worked well with DS1 to no avail! He will not settle if put down awake or drowsy  and at the minute I am holding him to sleep and then putting him down, or he is sleeping in the sling. I know these are props and I need to put him down drowsy but in that case itís taking me too long to settle him and he either gets OT and screams or DS1 gets left for too long 😞

I also have a 27month old at home so my time that I can spend resettling can sometimes be limited. Plus I also have a preschool run to do which always interrupts one nap if not two.

Any advice much appreciated.
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