Author Topic: 12 months old used sttn, now unsettling and needs milk at night  (Read 1484 times)

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My 12 months has a great daytime schedule with a short morning nap and a long lunch nap. She can fall asleep independently, resettles at night if she wakes, has been sttn for quite a long time BUT since 2 weeks every night at different times she wakes up and cannot resettle, nothing helpes but milk. She then drinks a good amount and can finally resettle. In the morning she drinks her milk feed and has lots of food all day. She is really eating plenty so I donĎt understand it and I am really desperate.
The doctor said itís the teething. I doní think thatís the issue but have no clue because my big girl never had those issues.

Whatís a momma to do?!?!
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Re: 12 months old used sttn, now unsettling and needs milk at night
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2019, 00:51:57 am »
She could be hungry and going through a growth spurt, or maybe thirsty and the milk quenches the thirst.

Also if there have been changes like starting day care or changing carers at day care it could be a needing comfort thing.
I'd look at more nutrient dense food like avocado and meats. And increase her water intake if you can. When she wakes offer water first and if you find she still wants the feed, try to shorten it if BF or dilute if FF.
If there have been changes to her routine, then it should pass as she adjusts to the changes ESP if you try and fill her cup up in day hours. 
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