Author Topic: 3:2 Nap Transition.  (Read 204 times)

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3:2 Nap Transition.
« on: April 25, 2019, 18:58:18 pm »
Iíve had a scroll through the pinned thread but it seems like it hasnít been active for a while...

DS2 has just turned 6 months. Current EASY looks like this:

WU 6:15 (can sometimes be 6:30)
E: 6:30/7:00
A: 2.5hours
S: 8:45 - 10:00/10:15 (I wake him after 90mins)

E: 11:00
A: 2.5hours
S: 12:30/45 - 14:00 (i wake him after 90mins)

E: 15:00
A: 2h15-30
S: CN around 16:15/30 for 20-30mins (awake by 16:50)

E: 18:45
S/BT: 19:00

E (NFs): 22:00/30 (DF here if he doesnít wake himself) and 02:00/03:00

My problem is that the CN is now proving difficult. He often needs APOP to fall asleep as he isnít tired enough, and then at BT is now wide awake and chatting when I put him down (normally self settles by 19:15, sometimes starts to get OT and needs APOP)

I feel like Iím in this no manís lands where he probably doesnít need to catnap anymore but Iím not sure he can drop to 2 naps?

Any ideas for a suggested routine with 2hr30 or perhaps 2h45 A time? Or shall I just start pushing towards 2 naps?