Author Topic: 14mo EW and nap refusals!  (Read 368 times)

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14mo EW and nap refusals!
« on: April 26, 2019, 10:19:02 am »
Hey all, bit of background first... My 14mo has multiple allergies and reflux and is still on neocate milk & omeprazole twice a day.

For the past month or so he's been waking up super early and is an absolute nightmare to try and get a second nap in him so I've been persevering with one nap but it's slowly killing me!

Typical day for us at the moment is as follows:

4-5am wake up and attempt to resettle (sometimes works sometimes doesn't)

6am go downstairs and has omeprazole (I refuse to go down before 6am so he can either play in his room or ours until then   ;) )

6:30am 6oz milk and breakfast

8:30am snack

10am another snack

10:30am - 11:45am/12pm sleep (he has never napped for longer than 1hr30 and at the moment 1hr15 is his norm!)

12pm lunch

2pm snack

4pm dinner

5:30pm bath

5:45pm 9oz bottle and story

6pm into bed where he usually mucks around, gets out and runs around the upstairs, yells from the top of the Stargate etc and I have to keep going up there to put him back in bed

7/7:30pm eventually falls asleep.

If he's fallen asleep in the car or something and I push bedtime back he STILL takes over an hour to fall asleep and he ends up going down at 8/9pm yet still waking up at 5!

He will not go for two naps in his cot, if I try and cut his first nap short he'll do a second catnap later on but he won't do a long one in the afternoon

Please help a mama out before I pull all my hair out  :'(