Author Topic: Transitioning from the swaddle (and pacifier) 5 months  (Read 1718 times)

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Transitioning from the swaddle (and pacifier) 5 months
« on: May 04, 2019, 15:37:05 pm »
Our 5 month old has been in a great groove -- still on 3 hour schedule due to reflux but doing great on it and going to bed 730 PM not eating until 630 AM with a few cry outs for passy in between. 

However, she has started to be able to bust out of the swaddle no matter how tight we do it lately, AND is starting to roll back to side and almost front.  So I think we need to ditch the swaddle. 

She is VERY active and her arms are constantly moving which is why the swaddle has been necessary for sleeping.  We have tried one arm out and that really doesn't work, so I am thinking of just going cold turkey and using an armless sleep sack.  I'm guessing there will be crying/not sleeping -- (PU/PD and shush pat does not work with her -- not a big crier but just wide awake), so we are going to try to Ferber as well to get it all over with.  We are planning to give her her passy to go down but if she keeps losing it, not giving it back (as I am sure she will lose it constantly with those crazy hands!)

Anyone have a similar situation and find success in ditching the swaddle and passy?  How hard was it and how long did it take?!

ALSO-- how will it work for naps??  I can't imagine her settling down in time to get much sleep for a nap unswaddled.

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Re: Transitioning from the swaddle (and pacifier) 5 months
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2019, 22:23:37 pm »
Firstly Baby Whisper does not condone Ferber for any reason, we believe leaving a baby to cry alone breaks there trust and research shows it increases the Cortisol in their brain and causes a stress reaction.
IMHO  leaving a baby who can't cognitively understand what you plan to do is like someone you know and trust blindfolding you and the taking you to the middle of nowhere and leaving you to sort your way home with not help.
I know when mine were little using a sheet and the Aussie Swaddle worked better than commercially made swaddlles. Also  teaching my DS1 to find his own Pacifier we made it a game in day time, then I'd place a couple right near him in bed.
It's really important to remember a babies life is a journey and so many things effect sleep and this probably won't be a fix it now, no problems later as waking to fill the emotional needs can happen too.
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