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Same problem... No success
« on: June 25, 2019, 00:38:58 am »
I cannot get on top of my LO's OT.

She is 2.5 she does short nap at daycare 45 I think, they have not been very specific. At home we have more success with a 60-70 min nap.

We have been trying to get her down by 7, but she just fights for over an hour which is often accompanied by an early wake... Which just makes the next day worse and worse.

It is not too often that I have enough time after work to feed her and get her to bed much earlier than that (forget taking a bath).. the few occasions that I could and tried between 630-645... She just goes to the bathroom 6 times instead of 4 and still fights.

It is so exhausting and frustrating... When this first started she was still averaging 11-11.5h/day... And I seemed more affected... But this past week she is averaging 10-10.5h and the OT seems to be piling up.