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Could someone check night routine
« on: August 15, 2019, 04:55:04 am »
My LO has had her ups and downs in her 11m4w 😂
She was a very temperamental baby, cried a lot, rarely napped and when she did it was between 10mins and 1h but more towards the 10min side
I was desperate and bought every sleep training book, watched every YouTube video, did PUPD for almost a month with no success, gradual retreat was the same, tried cry it out onenap and crumbled over how hysterical she got 20m in, the health visitors talk to me as if I’m refusing to sleep train despite showing them and telling them the lengths we have gone to try and get her to self soothe but with no success

Over the past 2m her naps have improved, with 2 naps at 8am and 1pm between 1-2h 🎉

However, naps are no longer the issue but she has NEVER been able to sleep through the night and often wakes at least 2x and get wide awake time is between 430-5am

I work evenings till midnight, husband works mornings at 6 so it is slowly stripping away at us and wondered if someone can check we aren’t doing something silly that is causing this because we are being spoken to by people telling us how easy sleep training is😕

Age:1w away from 1y - dark room and “rain on tent” white noise on constant

Wake:430/5am - changed/7oz bottle
Nap: 730/8am - shows signs of tiredness / crabbiness
Wakes:930/10am - up, changed, breakfast(oats and fruit) then playing and walks and bottle close to nap time
Nap: 12/1pm
Wakes:2ish pm - lunch (solids), milk, playing, walks

This is all fine, now is where the trouble starts

530pm gets dinner - slowly begins to wind down any stimulation before bedtime routine
7pm - bedtime routine - bath, 8ozbottle, cuddles, uses pacifier but often rejects it when about to fall asleep.  She will not go down unless she falls asleep in arms / if you put her down even just asleep or drowsy, she wakes up and is more alert than before.

She usually stays sound asleep but wriggles up the cot and at 11pm often has hit the top of the cot and wakes.
She won’t settle until we give her a bottle, we have began lowering her formula in her water (is 5oz water,3scoops) as we think she is Dependent on the milk

After an hour, same as bed routine, asleep when she is put in cot

130-2am wakes again often because she’s made her way up crib again, cuddles, changed, cuddles (can’t change her straight away as she wakes up and cries 🤷‍♀️

Again, at times an hour or more to get back down

4-5am wide awake

We’re at a loss,drained and just given up and accepting this is just how it is.  We’re envious of friends babies who are same age  who sleep all night without sleep training

Today, I’ve introduced a breathable blanket, tucks sides in andof course movement monitor on for every sleep