Author Topic: Dropped the nap success... or not!! Recent early wakes  (Read 350 times)

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Dropped the nap success... or not!! Recent early wakes
« on: August 21, 2019, 10:45:21 am »
So we have been working on shortening naps, and finally we dropped the nap.
It was wonderful, my 2.5+ year old was sleeping 11:15-11:30 hours for 5 days straight. I was confident about the choice to drop nap... Last 2 days she has been waking 5:30-545 (previously 6:15-6:30). She usually just lays there until 6:40 when her gro clock goes off...

Is this a sign of something? Or just fluke? She was always responsive to wake to sleep in the past for habitual waking...

Update: even though those first few days were great, it seems she is accumulating OT. She had a night terror last (1st one in almost a year).

I am not sure what to do...
When she naps even just 30 mins ,she ends up shortening her night on both ends and gets even less total sleep. But when she wakes early like the last too days... It is way too long if a day....

I have heard that some people throw in a nap every few days? How does that work? I am worried that she will just end up with another 9.5-10h night and be stuck in that cycle?!?!

I don't mind trying even earlier to bed on those days (although can be challenging some work days)

What has worked for others?!?!
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