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7 months night feeds
« on: September 11, 2019, 08:02:24 am »
My Dd is 7,5 months and bf + Blw. She has always nursed at night with 2-3,5 hours in between. She is not that big and since I had supply-issues with dd1 I just fed her and thought she needed it.

I thought it would be better when we started solids and she got more calories but it didn't do any real difference. And about a week ago she started not falling asleep for naps like she used to and needed to bf to sleep. We only did that for a few days and then she didn't go to sleep even when bf so I did pupd and it has worked really well. Since then she started going 6 hours without a feed from bedtime but after that she keeps waking up several times at night and I'm not sure when she is hungry and not. I have kept her 4,5 hours as she does in the day but then she has solids in between bf.

She whines and stirres and I don't have to do pupd but can soothe her in her crib but it takes almost 30min sometimes. She can wake up 2 hours after a feed and then I know she's not hungry but it can be 3,5 and then I'm unsure. Since she can go 6 hours the first part of the night can she go the same time the second part of the night too? Is it learnt hunger or is she waking up for something else? She does not seem to be in pain and she will keep trying to go back to sleep and whine when she can't. I'm also wondering if she gets confused when sometimes she gets fed and sometimes not at night. This is last night:

E 19.12
S 19.30
WU 22.30 (when I went to bed) fell asleep easily with words
E 00.45
WU 03.50 words and hand on back for 25 min
S 04.15
WU 05.20
E 05.29
Wake her 07.02 (eats again to get on track for the day)

Hope someone has some advice!

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Re: 7 months night feeds
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2019, 17:49:16 pm »
Has she dropped to 2 naps yet? She might be undertired if not.

It's still very normal and age appropriate to have night feeds at this age.  I'd just keep doing what you're doing. If she gets upset or wakes again soon after settling then I'd feed her.
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Re: 7 months night feeds
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2019, 16:46:17 pm »
Thank you for your reply!

yes she is on two naps. Our easy is something like this:

WU and E 07.00
Solids 08.00
S 10.20-11.40
E 11.40
Solids 12.40
S 15.00-16.10 (wake her)
E 16.10
Solids 17.10
E 19.20
S 19.30 (get her up before bed so not feed to sleep)

I'm happy to feed her at night as long as I know she actually needs it. I've had a couple of nights now with only one feed and that would be great for me just as long as she's getting what she needs aswell.

What would you consider to be soon after settling? Within an hour?

Is it ok to go 4,5 hours between milk feeds or is it too long? She doesn't really show hunger signs but she will always happily bf. She's not crazy about solids and sometimes she doesn't wan't any at all but usually she'll eat a bit. Very hard to know how much since it's blw and is smeared and scattered everywhere. She refuses to be spoonfed except with prunes.