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EW - nap advice
« on: September 13, 2019, 05:20:13 am »
Hi, I did a post about this a few weeks ago but got no replies. Hoping this one will.

DS2 is almost 11 months and STTN pretty well bar the odd night of illness, OT or teething. Lately weíve been having to do a lot of EBT due to poor/badly timed  naps (mostly at nursery but some at home!) and now have consistent EW.

EASY looks a little like this:

5:15 EW - always seems tired rather than ready for the day. Very restless and rolls around moaning but never nods back off. Normally ends in me sshing and patting and sometimes rocking for 30-40mins before I just give up or he starts to get fed up.

6:00 WU (or mostly just get up if Iíve been in his room since 5am!)
9:15-10:30 nap
13:15 - 14:30 nap (at nursery they put him down for this nap at 12:30ish and he wakes around 1:45/2pm)
18:30/45 BT

I think I need to push both his naps back? Itís hard because nursery insist on his second/long nap starting between 12-12:30 so Iím not sure whether itís best to try and work around that or just do something different on my days at home.