Author Topic: Starting EASY at 14 weeks & crappy sleep  (Read 2457 times)

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Starting EASY at 14 weeks & crappy sleep
« on: September 14, 2019, 12:36:51 pm »

Iím new to the EASY approach and would love some help in how to get started. Currently I would describe our routine as pure chaos 😂! My LO is 14 weeks old and my main struggle is sleep - weíre both competent exhausted.

She wakes up frequently during the night to eat which results in snacking over the course of the day. She also isnít interested in any food on waking (usually 6:30-7:30).

She mostly only takes naps of 30-60 mins during the day and wakes up tired and cranky. She takes a dummy to get to sleep and currently wants to be rocked to sleep. I have, in the past, been able to get her to drowsy and put her down but started to rock her when she was screaming OT a couple weeks ago and now that seems to be the norm. She is crying hard pretty much every time I try and get her to sleep and I canít tell if she is OT or UT.

I do a wind down routine but often cut this short as she is squirming and crying already. The dummy is also becoming a problem as it keeps needing to be replaced. I am working up to PUPD but thought Iíd try and sort the schedule out first.

My main issues are:

- how do I implement the 3hr schedule if she is only taking 45 min naps as the whole cycle is therefore less than 3 hrs
- Where do I start the E as she isnít hungry in the mornings and will nurse for a few mins only. I am then worried she is hungry later
- Whatís more important at the start: getting enough sleep or getting the routine going? Can I do both at once?
- I have to do drop off and pick up for the kids three days a week so she has to sleep in the sling at these times

Iím a big believer in schedules as they were a life saver with my other two but have no idea where to start with this one! Any comments would be much appreciated!! X