Author Topic: Please help me with my 2 year old :(  (Read 1759 times)

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Please help me with my 2 year old :(
« on: October 21, 2019, 06:12:30 am »
Hi all,
In desperate need now of some help with my toddler please as she’s bringing me to tears!
We have been having sleep problems for about 10 weeks now. I could tolerate this previously but we now have a 5 week old newborn so things are harder.
Night wakings we seem to have stopped.
The main issue is early wakings, and it is really starting to get to me now (mainly because I am up through the night with the baby so when I settle her I then get my toddler calling not long after to get up for the day) This is normally around 5am, sometimes a little after, occasionally before.

She happily naps at 12.30 for 2 hours. I do not let her sleep longer.
She sleeps in her cot and really appears to want/ need this nap still.
I have experimented with a shorter nap and it makes no difference. Yesterday for example she had a 45 minute car nap at midday and still woke up early.

Unfortunately we got into a habit of when baby was born husband was going into toddler (this was at 4.45 for a while) and getting her up so not to wake baby and I up, and she was taken downstairs for cartoons. This seems to have become a habit :(

I appreciate she may well be an early riser but to get to 6 or 6.30 would be the dream.
This is making me cross with her sometimes as I am already tired from the newborn. She is grumpy and yawning next to me now at 7am
Her bedtime is 7pm. As a side note this generally goes ok - a little crying but not what it used to be a few weeks ago.
She has a dummy and I introduced a night light as an experiment.
She always without fail wakes up crying and never seemingly happy!!
Her room is extremely dark I do not believe this is an issue.
Grateful for any advice please x Thank you
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Re: Please help me with my 2 year old :(
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2019, 07:26:51 am »
She's on the lower side of average total sleep for 24hours, so I think it's about shuffling times and giving her more physical activity early in the day (not always easy with a NB)

My suggestion would be move the nap to 1pm for maximum of 1.5hours and Then move bedtime to 7.30pm.
When she wakes early have a light on a timer and set it 10mins after the current wakeup time and tell her that's get up time. Then  let her get up but  rather than stimulation of the brain by TV bring her into your bed for quiet cuddles in the dark your bed while you snooze. Explain the new 'rules' and over time make the 10mins longer.
It will definitely be a journey in small steps, but she is old enough for you to tell her what is happening even if it doesn't immediately change things.
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