Author Topic: 14 month routine gone wonky  (Read 950 times)

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14 month routine gone wonky
« on: November 30, 2019, 09:08:53 am »
I posted a month ago but didnít get a response and as with babies, my issue has moved on so Iím posting again to see if anyone can advise.

A month ago I was getting happy night wakings and Iím still get this to an extent but I had a period of about two weeks that LG was sleeping through. She however started walking a week ago and since then itís all gone wonky again. She is a few days away from being 14 months.

She will happily take two naps but it makes the day long, like 14 hours to fit it all in. I feel like she isnít ready for 1 nap consistently as she likes a short A time to bed so even if I do push the morning A out to a lunch time nap, she wonít make bedtime as she likes short a to bed.

She used to have 13 hours sleep a day but last week itís been 12 hours a day so a little ot is coming in I imagine. I have older LG so canít stay at home everyday for her to cot nap. Sheís also at nursery 3 days a week where she doesnít sleep well so she tends to have two catnaps there.

Iím wondering what I should do? Just plod on with the wonky sleep and 12 hours sleep a day or try and push to 1 nap and see if that helps?

Here are last few days:

Wu: 6.30
S: 9.30-10 car
S: 1.05-1.55
S: 4.30-5 fell asleep in car
Bd: 7.45 s: 7.50
Multiple wake ups over night

Wu: 6.20 (nursery day)
S: 12.20-2.15
Bd: 6.30 s:6.30

Wu: 6 (nursery day)
S: 10.30-11.20
S: 3.40-4.20
Bd: 7.20 s: 7.20
Nw: 12.05-1.10
S: 1.10 - 7.10

Wu:7.10 (nursery day)
S: 12.20-1.05 tried for one nap but didnít sleep
S: 4.05-4.25
Bd: 6.55, s: 6.55
Nw: 11.55-12.30
S: 12.30 - 7.05

Wu: 7.05
S: 11.10-11.45 pram
S: 3.20-4.35 woken
Bd 7.50 s: 8.10 a little teary

Wu: 6.10

Anyone got any thoughts? x

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Re: 14 month routine gone wonky
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2019, 01:53:11 am »
I'm not here consistently, just drop in now & again now that mine are in high school, but I did notice your post.

Looks like you're in the 2-to-1 changeover, so for a while there will likely be days when one nap does the job and others where one nap is short and two are needed. (This will likely happen again when it's time to drop the nap entirely, BTW: some days nap, other days no, until one day is the last nap except for a sick kid who SLEEEEEEPS.)

Looks like you generally get better night sleep, at least looking at this, when there's one longer nap, so I'd *try* to aim for that when possible. Sleep begets sleep: better night sleep means not Ot during the day so more settled naps, which in turn leads to more settled night sleep.

There may also be some teething going on at this age, so trying pain meds before sleep time might make a difference. 14 months is when we started w/canines with my DD#1 and they were miserable for her, lots of interrupted sleep. (Later on it occurred to us to do a "dream med" like a dream feed, but by then her teeth were pretty much in.) Might be worth a try.

Good luck - hopw this helps!