Author Topic: 4 week old wonít sleep in crib  (Read 2265 times)

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4 week old wonít sleep in crib
« on: December 31, 2019, 19:23:59 pm »
Hi there!
My DS is 4 weeks old. Daytime he does pretty well on EASY but nighttime is the question. During the day after a short A time he is easy to put to sleep in a little portable rocking bassinet, often with a warm blanket (I know I know) if Iím close by and can keep an eye out. I work once a day on drowsy but awake and shh pat for 20 mins but otherwise I do binky+rocking to sleep at this young age. Iím trying to sort out his nights though. DD (2 y/o) goes to bed by 8. Ive been putting DS to sleep after that around 8:30pm in the bassinet. Then when he wakes I take him downstairs to feed, diaper change and put in his crib for the night. Last night I shh patted for almost an hour! Finally DH rocked him to sleep and put in the crib but as he often does he woke within 10 mins. I fed again, ensured a full feeding, burping diaper change swaddle, binky and everything but he was just alert. Not crying but just not drowsy. By this point I rock for an hour or so (I may have dozed off in the chair) and he seemed asleep at 2:30am so I lay him in the crib. Wakes again within 5 mins. I am discouraged at this point and just bring him into bed for the rest of the night. I have really tried to get him to sleep in the crib this past month as that is best for us but its only worked once after I fed him to sleep and placed him there. Any tips or encouragement?