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Mums of 10 - 12 month olds
« on: August 01, 2005, 00:34:10 am »
HELP!!!!   :D

My ds is 10.5 months old and I feel that I am getting no where with solids!!!  I have stopped doing purees - he will eat small chunks of steamed veggies like sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini and carrots.  So he can eat things that are sort of chunky right???  So why does he spit out meat, pasta, rice and anything thing else that is not one of his favourite veggies???  He has good pincher grip control, will pick up a pea and put it in his mouth and eat it, which is great, so why not other stuff????

Just wondering if some of you lovely ladies out there with little ones of a similar age could tell me some of the things that your dc eats and what sort of consistency????  I am having troubles with chunky fruits too - ds prefers pureed fruits and will only eat sometimes a tiny sliver of banana or rockmelon.  :?   

I know that he will get there eventually, but he can't live off yoghurt forever!!!  I have him booked into a daycare centre for later in the year and I would really, really, really like him to be able to take pastas or veggies and rice etc for lunch with him.... or even sandwiches!!!!  I really would like him to be able to eat meats, fish etc but he just spits everything back at me!!!  Kinda getting frustrating!!  Don't want to create a picky eater if I can help it!!!

Please help with what you are currently doing or any ideas you have!!!

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Mums of 10 - 12 month olds
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2005, 17:29:10 pm »
Hi there,
My ds was very similar to yours, loved his veggies but not a fan of meats.  I often gave him chicken chopped up extremely small slivers...which stuck to his peas and carrots so the meat would get into him.  He just turned a year and now I'm finding he is more willing to have other meats...steak, beef, small chunks.  I think he was around 11 mos when he decided he liked bananas and now has them every morning.  When he was younger I also kept trying fruits other than purees...but he wan't into them.  And the same with meats, over the last month he will now eat quatered grapes and blueberries (his favorite), watermelon, cantelope,....and the list goes on.  So, keep trying to introduce/reintroduce new things, eventually they will start to like them.

I also made meatballs alot...and he loves them.  Funny thing....he doesn't like spagetti (pasta and sauce mixed together) but LOVES lasagna which is made with the same sauce.  Who knows? 

Good luck
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