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Self feeding
« on: August 03, 2005, 11:20:15 am »
In the last 2 days dd has decided half way through her meal that she needs a spoon and needs to "help". Her food is all puree( wont eat lumps or finger food) so you can imagine the fun and games. She puts the handle of the spoon into the bowl and then waves it around the place, makes no attempt to put it near or even in the general direction of her mouth. Dh says I shouldn't give her the spoon as she will get used to it and want it all the time. I know she is getting independant and wants to copy whatever she sees me doing and I know she will eventually have to feed herself, but should I hold out a bit longer and try to distract her in other ways. If she doesnt get the spoon she stops eating and tries to pull the spoon away from me, if I give it to her, yeah theres a mess which I dont mind too much and I get a bit more food into her. She is only gone 10 months so is it a bit young to start self feeding?
Many thanks for advice
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Self feeding
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2005, 12:03:34 pm »

I would either encourage it by guiding her hand towards her mouth until she has the hang of it (which could take awhile since she's starting to self feed early) OR give her a spoon for each hand to hang on to while you feed her.

I bought ds some spoons called 'Little Dippers' by Gerber. They are thick and easy to hold on to and have slits in a flat part where the scoop part of a spoon would normally be. I find that the mess isn't quite as bad as when ds tries to use a regular spoon.

Have fun!
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Self feeding
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2005, 18:20:54 pm »
My little guy also started that around 9 mos....he has always been an independant feeder..hasn't had purees since 9 mos (other than yoghurt and applesauce).  I often would just give him a spoon while I fed him...that would often occupy him enough.  I also started doing more finger foods...rather than pureeing peas I would just give them to him.  Now, at one year, he still wants the spoon and we have been working on dipping in the applesauce and then I say in your mouth and guide his hand to his mouth.  I still have my own spoon so we take turns, your spoon, Mommy's spoon.  Yes, it does get messy and my husband also can't stand to watch him make such a mess (he is a bit of a 'neat' fanatic)....but they have to learn somehow.  I would rather teach the skill when they are  interested and engaged than waiting until it is supposed to be the 'right time'.
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