Author Topic: Doesn't want to feed in the evening-help!  (Read 1221 times)

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Doesn't want to feed in the evening-help!
« on: August 11, 2005, 13:23:34 pm »
Patrick will barely eat for us in the evenings!  He'll take about 5 min at one side and that's it (after 3pm).  I've tried to cluster feed him but it seems to make things worse because then he'll cry during the feed from overtiredness and promptly go back to bed!

Then at night he'll wake often (last night at 12, 2:30, 3:30 & 5:30), but still won't feed for more than 5 min at a time.  I've tried setting him down and trying again, but that doesn't work either.

Am I misreading his hunger signs and assuming he's hungry when he's not?  What should I look for?  Or maybe I'm rushing into the room at night to quickly?  Should I wait for more than one cry?

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Doesn't want to feed in the evening-help!
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2005, 18:22:34 pm »
First, how old is Patrick?  How is he sleeping during the day?  It's possible that you are misreading his signs and he's actually wanting to nurse for comfort and to sleep rather than for hunger (easy to mix, believe me! :roll: ). It certainly sounds that way overnight - most babies can go at least 3 or 4 hrs at night after the first couple of weeks. How is his weight gain?

With some babies it can be hard to tell if they're really hungry or just rooting for comfort.  You kind of have to take it in context!  If he ate well just an hour ago, then he's probably not that hungry.  If he's been awake for a while, too, then he's likely just sleepy and wants to suck himself to oblivion  :wink: .  Are you using a pacifier?  Some moms find that if they offer it and baby sleeps, then he wasn't that hungry - if he spits it out, then he wants something more substantial!

Depending on his age, he can probably go at least 2-3 hrs between feeds during the day - if he's eating more often, then he's probably just snacking. One thing that can help to break this cycle of snacking and sleeping is to make sure he gets a full feed.  When he eats, use breast compression to really try and empty one breast before moving on to the second side (if you're double side feeding).  If he falls asleep and really hasn't gotten much into him (only 5 min for a little baby), you might have to wake him to encourage him to take more - strip both him and you down, rub his back, talk to him, burp him or change his diaper.  If he gets a fuller feed, he'll sleep longer and wake better rested and (hopefully!) hungrier.  Later on in the feed is when you get the filling hindmilk, which will carry him over longer.

As for the evenings - if he's sleeping better during the day and getting fuller feeds, he won't be so he'll eat better and sleep better!  When it works, it's a great cycle!  :D

Let me know if you need more info on breast compression or anything else!  HTH
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