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The BW "Know Your Toddler Quiz"
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The “Know Your Toddler Quiz”

For each of the following questions, pick the best answer-in other words, the statement that describes your child most of the time.

1.   As a baby, my child

a    rarely cried
b.   cried only when she was hungry, tired or overstimulated
c.   often cried for no apparent reason
d.   cried very loudly, and if I didn’t attend to her, it quickly turned into a rage cry
e.   cried angrily, usually when we veered from our usual routine or from what she expected

2.   When he wakes up in the morning, my toddler

a.   rarely cries – he plays in his crib until I come in
b.   coos and looks around until gets bored
c.   needs immediate attention, or he starts crying
d.   screams for me to come in
e.   whimpers to let me know he’s up

3.   Thinking back to her first bath, I remember that my child

a.   took to the water like a duck
b.   was a little surprised at the sensation but liked it almost immediately
c.   was very sensitive – she shook a little and seemed afraid
d.   was wild – flailing about and splashing
e.   hated it and cried

4.   My child’s body language has been typically

a.   relaxed almost always, even as a baby
b.   relaxed most of the time, even as a baby
c.   tense and very reactive to external stimuli
d.   jerky – as a baby, his arms and legs often flailed all over the place
e.   rigid – as a baby, his arms and legs were often fairly stiff

5.   When I made the transition from liquids to solid food, my toddler

a.   had no problem
b.   adjusted fairly well, as long as I gave her time to adapt to each new taste and texture
c.   scrunched up his face or his lip quivered, as if to say, “What on earth is this?”
d.   dove right in, as if she had been eating solid foods her whole life
e.   grabbed the spoon and insisted on holding it herself

6.   When interrupted from an activity she’s involved in, my toddler

a.   stops easily
b.   sometimes cries but can be cajoled into a new activity
c.   cries for several minutes before she recovers
d.   wails and kicks and throws herself on the floor
e.   cries as if her heart were breaking

7.   My toddler displays anger by

a.   whimpering, but he can be quickly consoled or easily distracted
b.   displaying obvious signs (clenched fist, grimace, or crying) and needs reassurance to get through it
c.   having a meltdown like it’s the end of the world
d.   being out of control, often tending to throw things
e.   being aggressive often tending to push or shove

8.   In social situations with another child or children, such as a play date, my toddler

a.   is happy and actively involved
b.   gets involved, but every now and then gets upset with other children
c.   whines or cries easily, especially when another child grabs her toy
d.   runs around a lot and gets involved in everything
e.   doesn’t want to be involved, stays on the sidelines

9.   At nap or bedtimes, the sentence that best describes my toddler is

a.   she could sleep through a nuclear blast
b.   she is restless before falling asleep but responds well to a gentle pat or reassuring words
c.   she is easily disturbed by noises in the house or outside the window
d.   she has to be coaxed into bed – she’s afraid of missing something
e.   she has to have total quiet to go to sleep, or she begins to cry inconsolably

10.   When brought to a new house or unfamiliar setting, my toddler

a.   adapts easily, smiles and quickly engages
b.   needs a little time to adapt, gives a smile but turns away quickly
c.   is easily distressed, hides behind me, or buries himself in my clothes
d.   jumps straight in, but doesn’t quite know what to do with himself
e.   tends to balk and get angry, or may go off by himself

11.   If my toddler is engaged with a particular toy and another child wants to join in, she

a.   notices, but stays focused on what she’s doing
b.   finds it hard to stay focused once the other child catches her eye
c.   gets upset and cries easily
d.   immediately wants whatever the other child is playing with
e.   prefers playing alone and often cries if other children invade her space

12.   When I leave the room, my toddler

a.   shows concern initially, but resumes playing
b.   may show concern but usually doesn’t mind unless she’s tired or sick
c.   cries immediately and looks forlorn
d.   hotfoots after me
e.   cries loudly and lifts up her hands

13.   When we come home from any kind of outing, my toddler

a.   settles in easily and immediately
b.   takes a few minutes to get acclimated
c.   tends to be very fussy
d.   is often over stimulated and hard to calm down
e.   acts angry and miserable

14.   The most noticeable thing about my toddler is how

a.   incredibly well-behaved and adaptable he is
b.   how much he has developed precisely on schedule, doing just what the books said he would at each stage
c.   sensitive he is to everything
d.   aggressive he is
e.   grouchy he can be

15.   When we go to family gatherings where there are adults and/or children my child knows, my toddler

a.   scopes out the situation, but usually gets right into the swing of things
b.   needs just a few minutes to adapt to the situation, especially if there are a lot of people
c.   is shy, stays close to me, if not on my lap, and might even cry
d.   jumps right into the centre of the action, especially with other children
e.   will join in when he’s ready, unless I push him, and then he becomes reluctant

16.   At a restaurant, my toddler

a.   is good as gold
b.   can stay seated at the table for around thirty minutes
c.   is easily frightened if the place is crowded and loud, or if strangers talk to her
d.   refused to sit at the table for more than ten minutes, unless she’s eating
e.   can sit up to fifteen or twenty minutes, but needs to leave when she’s finished eating

17.   A comment that best describes my toddler is

a.   you hardly know there’s a little one in the house
b.   he’s easy to handle, easy to predict
c.   he’s a very delicate child
d.   he’s into everything – I can’t take my eyes off him when he’s out of the crib or playpen
e.   he’s very serious – he seems to hold back and ponder things a lot

18.   The comment that best describes communication between my toddler and me, since she was a baby, is

a.   she has always let me know exactly what she needed
b.   most of the time her cues are easy
c.   she cries often, which is confusing
d.   she asserts her likes and dislikes very clearly, physically, and often loudly
e.   she often gets my attention with loud, angry crying

19.   When I diaper or dress my toddler, he

a.   is usually cooperative
b.   sometimes needs a distraction in order to lie still
c.   gets upset and sometimes cries, especially if I try to rush him
d.   balks because he hates to lie or sit still
e.   gets upset if I take too long

20.   The type of activity or toy that my toddler likes best is

a.   almost anything that gives her results, like simple building toys
b.   an age-appropriate toy
c.   single-task activities that aren’t too loud or stimulating
d.   anything she can bash or used to make a loud noise
e.   almost anything, as long as no on interferes with him

To score the self-test about, write A, B, C, D and E on a piece of paper and next to each one, county how many times you’ve used each letter, which denotes a corresponding type.

A’s = Angel Baby
B’s = Textbook Baby
C’s = Touchy Baby
D’s = Spirited Baby
E’s = Grumpy Baby
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