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Tummy time frustrations
« on: April 10, 2006, 04:17:03 am »
My 4mth old refuses to spend playtime anywhere but on her tummy.  She can roll from her back to her tummy and does so everytime you put her on the floor.  She's pretty strong at lifting herself on her arms, although of course she gets frustrated trying to co-ordinate her hands and her toys and her mouth.  So whats the problem?  Aeroplaning.  She is having major difficulties lifting her arms and head off the ground together, especially coming from a position of lying completely prone on the ground - getting her head off the ground without pushing up on her arms.  She ends up screaming in frustration and in tears.  I then turn her onto her back or put her in her chair at which point she screams even louder and tries to roll out of her chair or rolls straight over to her tummy and starts all over again.  I do a lot of sitting with her sat on my lap and playing with her toys to distract her.   She's also getting extremely frustrated trying to move forward, the poor thing is desperate to be mobile.    I try to help her with her aeroplaning and moving forward and I cheer her on, but the frustration she's feeling is driving both of us crazy.  I think she may be teething as well, just to add to the grumpyness. 
Is anyone's elses baby experiencing frustrations at tummy time and refusing to stop spending as much time as possible on their tummy's?

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Re: Tummy time frustrations
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2006, 06:52:40 am »
wow!  desperate for tummy time!  she DOES want to be moving!  is she happy to sit?  if she is supported in a sitting position but her head isn't supported it will still let her work on head control (especially if you bounce her gently or do some sideways swaying) which will help to make that more automatic when she is working on exploring on her tummy.  Also, what about rolling a towel or finding the right sized cushion to put under her chest that she could prop her arms over giving her extra support so that she can see more!  also, is there a safe mirror that you could position near her when she is on her tummy?  babies love mirrors and this might distract her from her plans of movement yesterday!
also, you could play a rolling game with her as she can experience some movement rolling.  on a soft surface (like your bed) lie her on her back and help her roll to her tummy by lifting one of her legs towards her tummy and rolling her towards the other side (you may want to use your opposite hand so that you don't get tangled as you flip her onto her belly) you can then keep rolling her back to her back or roll her back the way she came from.... my son thought this was hilarious if i did it fast!
HTH!  let us know how you are doing!  x