Author Topic: Do I need to do a 4th night of wake2sleep?  (Read 726 times)

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Do I need to do a 4th night of wake2sleep?
« on: April 23, 2006, 20:00:26 pm »
My son (5 3/4 months) wakes pretty consistently at 4am and usually goes back to sleep with a paci.  I have done wake2sleep at 3 am the past 2 nights.  The first night I think I messed it up because I decided to move him down in his crib since he scoots himself up in his sleep and gets his head stuck in the corner which he does not like  :P.  (He is a stomach sleeper.)  He definitely stirred but went back to sleep with the paci.  He woke up 20 minutes later crying so I went in and did shush/pat for a while and then picked him up to see if I could calm him.  This went on until 4 am and by that time he was really hungry so I had to feed him.  He took 6 oz. and then went back to sleep until 6:30.  Last night I just stroked his cheek to stir him.  He turned his head and went back to sleep for 20 minutes.  I went in and gave him his paci and he went back to sleep until 5 am but from 4-5:00 he let out some cries so it was not a very peaceful sleep.  My question is one, since I stirred him too much the first night and ended up having to feed him does that night count?  And second, should he be sleeping more peaceful than he did the second night in order for this to work?  Also, should I go ahead and give him his paci anyway if it seems he goes right back to sleep?  I am praying this technique works for us since I have insomnia and it is hard for me to get back to sleep (and usually can't) after I have been woken up.  Thank you for any advice!! 

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Re: Do I need to do a 4th night of wake2sleep?
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2006, 13:54:54 pm »
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