Author Topic: Wakes up and cries (activity too long??) PLEASE HELP  (Read 514 times)

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Wakes up and cries (activity too long??) PLEASE HELP
« on: April 27, 2006, 17:05:42 pm »
Hello I was having problems with early wakings and per suggestions I extended A time and took out the cat nap, well it seems that for the most part the early wakings are gone (for now she likes to change her pattern), but now at around 9:30-10:30 pm she wakes up and cries.  I don't go into her as she only cries for 5 min max and am afraid I would jazz her up if I went into her if it goes over 5 min I plan on going into her.  She also wakes at 4:30-5:30am and does the same thing then she seems to wake at 6:30 for the day.  Could this be a result of being too tired at bed as her evening A time is too long without the nap, she seems to have a really hard time with this A time and she is passing out when we give her her bedtime bottle.
Here is her schedule

How old is your child?
DD is 6 months

What’s his/her daily routine?
6:30am>>Awake Plays in crib until 7am
10:30>>I wake her from nap
3pm>>I wake her from nap
6:30/7pm (depending if bath or not)>>Bed time routine
7:30>>In bed awake

What’s nap routine?
Change her diaper, wrap her in blanket (from under her arms), give her 'nuggly lamb, sit and read, put in bed rub her head and sing twinkle, twinkle, kiss, hug, tell her I love her and to sleep good.

How long are naps?
We have been doing great with naps (knock on wood) I wake her for both naps anfter 1.5hrs

What's bedtime routine? Time?
If given bath we start at 6:30, if no bath start at 7, rub down, brush hair, rub gums, diaper cream, diaper, pjs, wrap in blanket give her 'nuggly lamb, bottle, read, DD in bed awake by 7:30 (last few nights she falls asleep during bottle almost impossible to get her to wake up) rub her head sing twinkle, twinkle, hug, kiss, tell her I love her and will see her in the morning.

Do you bottle or breastfed??

How much? or how long?
30 oz a day>>7-8 oz/bottle

How many wakes per night?
2X once around 9:30-10:30, and early morning around 4:30-5:30

What’s your LO like when waking at night? How long is he/she up?
She wakes up crying, I wait/dont go in she is usually back to sleep in under 5min.
sometimes she may whimper again every 10 mins or so then asleep

When you go to him/her is she fussing or crying? Or is it a mantra cry?
Haven't gone into her as she settles fairly quickly afraid of jazzing her up if I go in.  She Cries when she wakes up though then may whimper a little after she seems to have fallen back to sleep.

What have you tried to settle??

What do you do for A time and how long is it?
We play go for walks, sing, practice sitting, rolling, etc, play in swing, walker, on floor.
After moring wake to first nap she is awake for 2.5 hrs (including her playing in crib)
After first nap to second nap she is awake for 3 hrs
After second nap to bed she is up for 4 hrs

Are there developmental issues such as teething or milestones?
May be teething, can't tell.  Nothing else I know about.

Have you introduced cereal? Why, how much, and how many times a day? (for LO’s under 6 months)
She eats cereal and baby food

Do they have a prop? If so what is it?
Only for car seat meltdowns we use paci

Do they have a lovie?
Yes her 'nuggly lamb

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Re: Wakes up and cries (activity too long??) PLEASE HELP
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2006, 13:51:41 pm »
i do think that for a lo that age that 4 hrs is too much A time at night. it is a tricky time dropping naps and still being able to accomadate your lo so you don't have overtired issues. your routine does look pretty good - i would def go for an earlier bedtime for the next while and if after a few days that doesn't help you may need to tweak her routine a bit - (A times..) but not too much - maybe just make it 15 min short before the pm earlier bedtime shoudl do the trick - but all lo's are different and yours may need just a bit more than that! good luck with everything!
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