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Sleep and the reflux baby.
« on: July 01, 2006, 17:11:00 pm »
Yes, you can use those two concepts in the same sentence.   :)  When LO has reflux, the best thing for all is to do whatever is needed to keep him/her as comfortable as possible.  If that mean using the swing/bouncy to get LO to sleep at first, go for it!  If LO is comfortable sleeping in the car seat, that is just fine.  IMHO there is no AP with the reflux babe, I totally meant to rock mine to sleep for three months.   ;)  There are other things that can be done as well. 
1. Elevate the head of the crib/cot.  Either put a couple of large books under the mattress, or add a wedge on top of it.  This keeps stuff in baby's tummy.  Roll a couple of small blankets and tuck them under the sheet at the tush level to help prevent sliding down.
2. Keep baby upright for about 20-30 minutes after each feeding.  This means change the diaper before the feeding if possible.  After the feeding, bouncy seat, swing, stroller or just snuggling for awhile.  But no vigorous moving around.  Keep the vibrator on the seat off.  Gentle swaying back and forth while holding LO can be soothing to both LO and parent. 
3. Some babies are more comfortable sleeping on their sides.  Use rolled blankets or a positioning device to keep LO there if this is the case. 
4. Some babies do best on their tummies.  **This should be discussed with your child's doctor before trying this.**  Please don't try this without the doctor's approval. 
5. Swaddling can help a lot.      For parents of an escape artist.  :D
6. You are the parent: if you think your baby has reflux, keep at the doctor until something is done.  If meds are ordered, but don't seem to be helping, ask what else can be tried.  Some babies go through several meds before finding one that works for them.
7. If formula feeding, some LO's need to try a different formula (or three) before they feel better.  Then sleep can get better.
8. A pacifier/dummy can help ease the pain, making it easier to soothe LO. 
9. Teething often makes reflux worse.  There are 2 teething threads to help you get through this.
10. Try not to get overstressed about things.  Once the situation is better, everyone here will be glad to help get things back on track. 
11.For more specific reflux information:
12. Remember that this will get better!!    Some get better sooner than others.  But it will get better.   Keep repeating this to yourself.   ;)
13.  If the crying is getting to you, TAKE A BREAK. Even for a couple of minutes.  Once LO is asleep,  head over here to vent/ get a hug. 
14. Love that incredible little being that is yours to treasure!!      :D
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