Author Topic: How to ween a 15month old off the bottle and eat more solids???  (Read 792 times)

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Hello everyone,

Spring is here and I hope you all to time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  It's been a long winter here in Toronto!

I had a few questions.  But here's my LO's schedule first:

6:00 am -------- wake-up, up to 2oz of formula
7:00 am -------- breakfast
9:00-9:30am --- snack
12:00pm -------- lunch, up to 6oz of formula
1:00pm ---------- nap for 2 hours
3:00-3:30pm ---- snack
5:30-6:00PM ----- dinner, up to 4oz of formula
7:00pm ----------- bath
7:30pm ----------- book, up to 6oz of formula
8:00pm ----------- bedtime

She does drink water from a transition cup with a straw.  But she LOVES her formula from the bottle.  I have managed to to have her eat some homemade food, and organic food from the grocery, with a spoon.  But she is VERY picky and moody, so usually has a fit and I resort to the bottle. 

Here's the problem: She was sleeping throught the night 8:00pm to 6:00pm, but now for the last 4 weeks is waking from a VERY heavy diaper that is over-saturated and wets the bed and her pajamas :-[  Then, it's hard to put her back to bed and settle.  She's losing about an hour or more a night of sleep. 

Any help anyone could offer me about adjusting her schedule or menu?  I would like to get her off formula and transition to actual milk.  But how do I reduce the formula and increase the food?  She drinks so much formula before bed because she's still hungry.  I have a very spirited baby ;)


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Re: How to ween a 15month old off the bottle and eat more solids???
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2012, 20:58:56 pm »
Is she having formula with her lunch and dinner? If she is I would just stop giving it to her to be honest! Formula is more filling than milk and she doesn't need it now. From 1 year they only need 12-14oz of dairy to get their needs met and this doesn't have to be liquid milk - all the dairy in food counts.

She will make a fuss as that's what she is used to doing but if you stay firm and only offer her food and water to drink during the day she will get the message. Toddlers won't starve themselves but will hang out for a better option if they think they will get one! I would stick to the wake up and bedtime bottle for now and work on getting her to eat better. You may want to look at the snacks you offer too, neither of my kids could have snacks or they wouldn't eat at meal times, she may need less of a snack or a "lighter" snack. You can make her main meals a bit earlier too if you reduce the snacks. When she is eating better you can swap the formula for cows milk by swapping an oz at a time over a number of days.

What do you think?