Author Topic: What type of sippy/trainer cup do you recommendation for a baby with reflux?  (Read 2265 times)

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Hi!  I'm not sure if this is the correct area to post this question, so please feel free to move if it is not!  DD will be 10 months old next week, and I have not yet introduced a sippy/trainer cup.  I know I need to be doing this so she can get used to it by the time she is 12 months old or so.  However, DD has reflux and a dairy/soy allergy so feeding has always (and still is!) a difficult area for us.  She has always had to drink out of a slow flow nipple (even though the package says a faster nipple is for 3 months and up usually) because she couldn't handle anything faster with her reflux without vomiting.  Just this past week, she has started to show frustration with the slow flow nipple so I've been letting her drink some of the bottle with the slow flow nipple but switching to a medium flow to finish off the bottle when she gets frustrated.  She has done okay with this so far. 

So, my question is what type of sippy/trainer cup do you recommend I try for a baby with reflux?  Is there one that has a slower flow that would be better for her?  Any recommendations would be much appreciated!  Thanks so much!  :)

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I just used regular sippy cup with my refluxer, he never increased his teat size on the bottle, when I tried it was a terrible disaster so we stuck with the small one all the way to 12/13 months when he dropped the bottle.
This is like our cups
This one the drinking spout folds down, it has two small holes for free flow drinking but doesn't come out too fast. The other we have is basically the same but the spout is fixed and has three small free flow holes, comes out a touch faster but still not fast.
Did you read Tracy's guide to introducing the cup? Sit her on your knee and help guide her to use her hands and drink, also only 1 oz in the cup so it is not heavy to lift.

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I used that TT cup with my two refluxers too. Mine did have fast teats as they were on a reflux formula which was a thicker formula.

I found the free flow cups better as they controlled how much they dreank at a time, the non-spill cups are really difficult to drink out of.


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Honestly, plastic shot glasses or similar. I wish I'd had some when Josie was smaller - even now at 13YO she prefers to drink from a straw or bottle than from a cup or glass. Start with just a little in the cup and help her learn how to use it, as PP suggested.