Author Topic: Day 8 PU/PD advice needed hourly wakings  (Read 934 times)

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Day 8 PU/PD advice needed hourly wakings
« on: April 26, 2016, 16:30:44 pm »
I have pretty much always breastfed my 5mo lg to sleep. After feeding to sleep she would sleep for about 4 hours.

Last week, decided to start PU/PD. Nights 2 to 4 were great, she slept for around 2/3 hours. Now, she has started waking 45mins/1 hr after going down. This cycle repeats pretty much all night.

What am I doing wrong!? Some times she has been so annoyed when we pick her uo that we just pust her down in the cot and comfort her with voice. We try to put our hand on her but this often annoys her more!

Also, should we be continuing PUPD through the every hour she wakes!? Ive been feeding to sleep much of the night as husband is up early.


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Re: Day 8 PU/PD advice needed hourly wakings
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2016, 02:17:37 am »
Welcome to BW!

I just have a few questions to make sure the advice I give you is on target.:) Are you doing PU/PD for naps or just at BT? Can you post what your daily routine looks like? Sometimes tweaking nap times and BT can help just as much as PU/PD.
The format we usually use for posting routines on this forum is:
WU: 7
E: 7:15
S: 9-10

Some routine tweaking may help the frequent waking at night but I suspect that if she's waking that often, she may be hungry. It's normal for 5 month olds to have 1-2 night feeds. I would choose when you're going to feed her and resettle on the other NWs (ex: feed on the first NW and resettle for any other NW before 3 hrs). If she doesn't like PU/PD you can just stay by and comfort her with your voice.
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